International Peace Day

In observance of #InternationalPeaceDay I’ve decided to share a letter I wrote to my daughter just a few months ago. While she’s only three, I’ve taken to writing letters that I hope she will read one day and learn a little more about her father, her mother, and little tidbits about life that have taken me many years to learn. #PeaceIsPossible —

As you are growing, getting older, and progressing as an individual… the world around us seems to be regressing. There are real issues going on right now in regards to race, sexuality, religion, and a number of other subjects that seem to divide humanity instead of unite us. All of these things, I can only hope, have changed for the better by the time you read this. But regardless, I want you to know something as you get older… all of these things, the things that make us different from each other, that make us unique, should be celebrated, not hated. The fact that you are different from your peers is a reason to be happy. You should revel in the opportunity to get to know someone who’s different from you, who thinks differently, who was brought up differently, who believes differently, because those differences and keeping your mind open to them, will help you to be a better human being. It’s not about being a better “American” or a better “woman” or a better “Christian/atheist/agnostic” or anything that divides us. It’s about being a better HUMAN. We are all one species. When you look at the grand scheme, the larger picture. When you look to the sky and see all those stars, of which are only an infinitesimal portion of this universe we live in, you can see the scope of life. We are so small. Our lives so very very short. The fact that we can’t look at another HUMAN as just that, a human, saddens me greatly. These are not just our peers, our friends, our family. They are our very being. They are lights in the darkness. They are boats in an unending sea. They are stars in the night sky. And when looked down upon, they are you. They are me. They are mommy. Gigi and Beja. Pop-pop and Poppa. Uncle, Aunt and Titi.

As humanity has aged, we have forgotten that we are truly one. We have the power to extend our lifetimes or cut them short. We make the decision on a daily basis to hug each other or hate each other. Love each other or be disgusted by one another. And why choose hate and disgust? Because those before us decided at some point that these things that were different, made them scared and then they passed those fears on to their children. The most heart wrenching part of that realization? The fact that these people who allowed these differences to separate us as a species, had absolutely no idea how big the universe really was. There was no scope to their lives. They believed that this world, which was thought to be flat and the center of the universe, was all there was and would ever be. They thought the barren landscape dotted with small colonies and tribes was the extent of humanities existence then and forever. How is it that humanity who has come so far in the hundreds and thousands of years since these differences scared us, still allows these things to separate us? Still allows these things to cause us to hate. To differentiate. To bring us to anger and murder. To allow us to hurt and kill someone who is US. Who is a father or mother, brother or sister, friend or family? Honestly, I don’t know the answer. But all I can hope is to make sure that you, and your brother-to-be, understand that life… is precious. It’s short. It’s quick. It can be full of love and laughter. Triumphs and success. But to have this, you must make it your choice to do so. Happiness is not something that just comes, that is just given. It’s decided upon. You will wake up one day and feel sad, for any reason, and you will have to make a choice. Will you go about the day carrying that weight on your shoulders? Or will you make the decision to leave that at home, get out of the bed and smile because you are alive? Go about your life and love everyone Rowyn. Love your friends with all your heart. Love your family with all of your being. Love those who may not love you with everything you have. Share LOVE. If you share love with everyone you come across, someone will receive something they never had. And with that, you will have changed someone’s life. Another human beings. And at the same time, you will have changed as well.

I love you,



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