So, I’ve finally watched The Notebook. A quick review.

It’s good.

It’s not great. It’s good.

Allie & Noah

Allie & Noah

So, I know some of you are probably thinking, “What, seriously? You’re just now watching it?” Yes, because I’ve always had a strong stance against it. I’ve heard the stories of women, and some men, crying in the theater. I’ve been told it’s an amazing movie. But from everything I’ve heard, it’s just the type of movie I like to stray away from. Now, I’m not saying I can’t handle a ‘chick flick.’ I just prefer mine to be a bit more on the comedy side, like How to lose a guy, or my favorite, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I don’t care for the ones that get you attached, and then take someone away from you for a good tear-jerk reaction. I don’t want to cry people. I don’t need to spend an hour of my life to get SAD. It’s just not the way I roll.

But, in an effort to get my wife to watch 24 with me, I broke and agreed to watch it. And, like I said to start, it was good… just not great.

To me, a great movie is a movie that moves you, but in a way you haven’t been moved before. In a way that you aren’t expecting. In a way that just isn’t so damn predictable! The whole movie was predictable. From start to finish, you knew what was happening next. The last point at which I wasn’t sure of the plot was when Noah first saw Allie. I didn’t know what his ‘in’ was going to be. If he would be the shy, “maybe she’ll see me one” day type, or the over the top with confidence type. After Noah started to scale the Ferris wheel, the rest was laid out. I knew what was coming, and because of that, the scenes that maybe would have hit me hard, just didn’t. It was the same old story, just set in it’s own unique setting, with it’s own little spice. While I did get teary eyed, it didn’t come until after the movie was over and my wife, laying on my chest while we watched it, told me she loved me. Then the thought of not remembering her, or her not remembering me… Well, that got me.

So, in the end… The Notebook is good. It wasn’t great, but good.


16 responses to “So, I’ve finally watched The Notebook. A quick review.

  1. While I do love the movie, I completely agree but I’m a sucker for a sweet love story. That being said, I’ll read the book over and over before I watch the movie again!

    Side note: You’re just now watching 24??? Prepare to not leave the TV for the next 8 days!

    • I’ve seen 24 up until Season 6. I just want to finish it out, but I figure starting from the beginning with my wife would be nice. I don’t mind watching shows I enjoy more than once. (We watched Lost last year, which was my second time, her first… and I’m already ready to watch it through again!)

      • I would love to rewatch, especially with a new season coming out next year! Lost is definitely on my rewatch list as well 🙂

      • I can’t wait to finish up the original series in preparation for the new one! I miss the antics of Jack, Chloe, and the crew! I can’t wait to see President Palmer again!!!

      • Hah! I tried watching his new show but I kept getting so irritated. I’d be like, “Why don’t you just beat the crap out of all these people? You’re Jack Bauer for god’s sake!!”

        I wasn’t surprised when it got cancelled!

      • Was that “Touch”? I kept meaning to watch it on Hulu, but never got around to it. Just too much GOOD TV to deal with the shows that aren’t so highly spoken of.

      • Yes! It was pretty good but, unfortunately, I just couldn’t see him in a role where he was so helpless. He will forever be Jack Bauer to me!

  2. I prefer romantic comedies also. While we’re on the subject of Ryan G, you should watch Crazy Stuipd Love with your wife. It’s hilarious and touching without jamming it down your throat.

  3. Good review. Its better than most of the crappy Nicholas Sparks adaptations that come out nowadays, so that’s definitely something worth praising.

  4. The Notebook was definitely good. II wouldn’t day that the movie is for everyone though especially the “macho” type that this love stories are lame. I think what I like about it was the escape from the vulgarities of some of the Romantic comedies that are out these days.

    Please don’t get me started on 24. One of my favorite shows of all times!! Can’t believe it’s coming back!!! Aaaaaah. I think I might start over too.

    • Yah, but what makes romantic comedies (great ones) different is their ability to go down their own road.

      The Notebook is the same story I’ve seen so many times… just a different cast, IMO. It doesn’t do anything new. So, to me, it’s good… not great.

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