Her happiest place in the world… and other random facts about my daughter.

  • The happiest place in the world for my daughter is hands down the changing table. I don’t know if it’s the energy of the space or she knows that she’s about to get into a clean diaper, but regardless of her mood right before setting her down, it instantly changes once she’s in place. Her face lights up, she smiles and laughs, and pretty much enjoys herself as long as she’s there. 
  • Her favorite song sung by my wife, “You are my sunshine”
  • Her favorite song sung by me, “Hush little baby” ( I think it’s because I make up my words, since I can never remember what comes after a diamond ring.)
  • Her favorite sleeping position with me is on her tummy laying on my chest
  • Her favorite position with mom is tucked between mom’s arm and her side
  • She loves her pacifier… sometimes… other times you would think we were trying to put a raw onion in her mouth.
  • She probably weighs somewhere around 8 1/2-9lbs at this point. No clue what her length is, guess we’ll find out at her 2 month check up.
  • She likes to listen to music while laying in her swing
  • Her mom might argue this fact with me, but Rowyn loves her some Bob Marley, specifically Three Little Birds. (And she enjoys the slower stuff by Incubus)
  • Although she’s only been in it once, she loved mom’s Moby Wrap. On the other hand, I tried putting her into my Baby Bjorn last weekend and she was NOT having it!
  • If you stick your tongue out at her, she will probably stick her tongue back out at you. (Yes, this is one of those things that you probably say “Well kids just stick their tongues out,” but we’ve tested it multiple times, and she actually does it in response… ask her Uncle John!)
  • She’s not a big burper… but boy, can she pass some GAS!
  • Hands down, she is the most beautiful little lady in the world, and she’s growing SO QUICKLY!
See what I mean?

See what I mean?




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