Just 45 days

Not too long now, is it? For some of you maybe not, but for the rest of us, it still feels like it’s centuries away. We feel almost empty without it. We crave it. We need it. We WANT it.

We sit idle, reading our blogs, watching our news, stalking our modern day gladiators via Twitter, Instagram, and whatever social media is hot. We feed our addiction with reviews of what happened the last go around. What didn’t. What could have been and what wasn’t.

We twiddle our thumbs and wonder just how it’ll play out this year. Who’s going to be left standing at the end. Who’ll be licking their wounds. Will we fall to the same weight which we couldn’t bear a year ago or will we be triumphant in our return. Will it end in a big bang or a quiet drop? Will we all make it to the end or will we be forced to mourn those fallen?

We wonder if this year will be our year.

It’s only 45 days away… and it can’t come soon enough. It’s almost here. It’s so close, I can taste it.






15 responses to “Just 45 days

    • Ahhh… Good ‘ole Ohio State! I’ll tell you what, they’ve got a squad… but I don’t think they go undefeated again this year. They might make it to the big game, but if so, there will be an SEC school there to stop em!

      • You’re right. I don’t think they go undefeated. If a couple of teams don’t play up to their ability, then maybe.
        I’ll tell you what, I hope we get to a bowl game and play an SEC team. We need to get that monkey off our back. We’ve been embarrassingly bad against quality opponents in big games.
        New(ish) team, new(ish) coach, new year. It’s exciting!

      • I agree. Love how the skies the limit during the offseason!!! It’s going to be a great year of football and I definitely look forward to seeing what Ohio does this year, my best friend is a die hard fan and I always enjoy watching their games.

      • As a Cleveland sports fan, the offseason is often more exciting that the actual season!
        I’m excited fir this year too because I saw last year that the team bought into the new system and I want to see what happens with a year under their belts.
        I really hope Georgia does well this year. They’ve been right on the edge of breaking out the last couple years. I want to see a shift in power down there. Mix things up a bit!

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