One good thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no pain.

Music is a huge part of my life. I’ve written about it before on my old blog, Inspired by Music. I’ve been guilty of posting song lyrics as my status in the ever so secretive way of communicating my feelings. I’ve championed Spotify as if it were the second coming of Jesus and I spam my friends inbox’s with a constant barrage of music I enjoy and hope they will to.

The thing about music is that it’s universal. It’s timeless. It has no real boundaries. A song can be just a few seconds long, or last an hour. Lyrics don’t have to make sense. The tempo and beat don’t have to stay consistent nor do they have to sound good to every single person who hears them. Music is the most direct reflection of life I think we have as humans. It captures and represents the mindset of the artist who created it, at the moment they chose to create. Yet when someone hears it, their own mindset can twist and turn the nature of the song to whatever their heart pleases. A song created out of sadness, can be another persons happy place. It can be interpreted countless different ways depending on the audience. Unlike writing, or painting, which typically have a very clear point and mood in which they’re trying to convey, music isn’t so clear. Metal may sound like nothing but angry music as my wife would argue, yet there are countless songs that fall into this genre which speak of love, happiness, and even religion. On the opposite end, I’ve heard country songs that sounds quite and soothing, yet when I heard the lyrics I felt angry or sad.

Music has always moved me beyond comprehension. I’ve been in the middle of my work day when a song comes on, I focus on the lyrics, and I am literally brought to tears. Most of the time this happens, it’s unexpected and from a genre I wouldn’t imagine could move me so much. This is why I feel as though there isn’t anything else in existence that can reach people in the same way that music can. I share it as often as possible. I listen to as much of it as I can. I share lyrics and watch peoples faces as they listen to a song that means something to me for the first time. I get excited when someone likes  a song or album I’ve shared with them. I feel humbled when someone tells me a song I shared connected with them. That’s what is so amazing about music. I may not be the creator, but I can share the work as if it were my own and enjoy the reaction that it receives from others.

Music connects us. It gives us common ground and something we can all relate to; raw emotion and feeling. In the end, when everything else is gone, that’s all we have. In the end, no matter our color, our beliefs or age, music bridges the gap and connect us all through that which makes us human. Without music, what would we have left to bridge those gaps?


28 responses to “One good thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no pain.

  1. Re: interpretation of lyrics:
    Back when I was teaching elementary music, I came across a children’s book that uses the lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” that is illustrated with a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. I read/sang the book to a 1st grade class that was studying metamorphosis. When I was finished a boy piped up, “I don’t that song was about butterflies.” Amazed at his insight, I asked what he thought it was really about.
    “Cats,” he replied.

  2. I can really feel your passion here. and I get it. oh so much. heck I attribute a Bryan Adams song for saving my life (yes, really) so yes, totally hear you.

    • I can relate! I would say “Three little birds” saved me from a very dark place in my life… Without that song, I probably would’ve given up. Thank Bob Marley I didn’t, because I couldn’t imagine loving life anymore than I do now.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I am with you on this…music is pretty much my life. I have a friend who doesn’t care much about music and doesn’t even listen to it in the car. I would be lost without it. You explained your passion well here.

    • I have to admit, sometimes I am just not in the mood, (especially in the car if I need some time to just think) but those are few and far between… I couldn’t imagine not caring about music… it drives me!

      Thank you for reading, the compliment, and for taking a moment to comment!

  4. Music is incredible. It is our souls, in sound, out loud.

    Lewis Thomas once wondered what (if anything) should be beamed out from Earth as a message to other life forms (if there were any), as any worded message would be long outdated by the time it arrived millions of light years away. So he pondered over the idea of sending Bach, but decided that would be bragging 😉

  5. So true, so true. I might have photo albums, but it’s the music that takes me back to my youth. They (who are they, really?) say the sense of smell is the most influential on memory, but I’d say it’s music. Great post – well written and spot on!

  6. it used to be that way for me, music spoke to my soul. i heard those lyrics with my all my heart. but lately, i’m only listening to my kids beebop, which is fun but not quite the same. sometimes i sneak in my songs, and go figure, they like it!

  7. Music and lyrics are deeply connected to specific times and places in my life. I love how I can hear a song and be instantly transported back in time. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your closing paragraph is lovely.

  8. Definitely, music is so powerful. I’m not positive, but I think it was “The Magician’s Nephew” in the Narnia series where the author writes a story of creation, at the beginning, and music is the vehicle of creation…

  9. But have you ever been listening to a seemingly innocent song, and suddenly thought, “Hey…is this song really about rape?”

    Happened to me while listening to Rod Stewart’s “Love Touch”

    • LOL! Can’t say that I have, but after reading the lyrics to that one…
      “Why can’t I climb your walls
      And find somewhere to hide
      Can’t I knock down your door
      And drag myself inside”

      That’s a rape song for sure!

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