Our Road to Rowyn…

When I thought about how I would remember the birth of my daughter, it was pretty evident that photographs were going to be my answer from the beginning. I spent night after night perusing the ‘kids’ section of Pinterest, looking at the different photographs that people had when I came across this blog post on Brittanygphotography.com. It inspired me to really try and capture our birth experience through photography in the best way I could.

These are just a small sample of some of the final results.

Rowyn (1 of 1)-3Rowyn (1 of 1)-6Rowyn (1 of 1)-13Rowyn (1 of 1)-9Rowyn (1 of 1)-17Rowyn (1 of 1)-2Rowyn (1 of 1)-7Rowyn (1 of 1)-18Rowyn (1 of 1)-19Rowyn (1 of 1)-25 Rowyn (1 of 1)-27Rowyn (1 of 1)-22 Rowyn (1 of 1)-30 Rowyn (1 of 1)-81 Rowyn (1 of 1)-85 Rowyn (1 of 1)-97 Rowyn (1 of 1)-67 Rowyn (1 of 1)-100 Rowyn (1 of 1)-128

And just as a bonus, our little lady just being darn cute…

Rowyn (1 of 1)-111 Rowyn (1 of 1)-112 Rowyn (1 of 1)-130


19 responses to “Our Road to Rowyn…

  1. Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable! Make sure to enjoy every moment. Those sweet little newborn grunts and movements fade away before you know it. Of course each new stage is so much fun that you can’t be too sad that the last has past.

    • Thank you so much! I’m definitely taking it all in and enjoying every moment. I love everything about her. The way she stretches, moans and grunts, smiles and everything in between…

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  3. Wow, when my daughter was born, it was all I could do just to follow along and not get lost. I’m very impressed that you were able to take such amazing pictures

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