Read all about it!!

Today’s daily prompt is : Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

This... is news!

This… is news!

It’s been a long weekend for the Rivera family. What was thought to have been the early arrival of their daughter <name redacted>, turned into a long game of wait and see. On Friday afternoon, the Rivera’s got news that the mother, Lauren, was dealing with mild pre-eclampsia. While the family states that they knew about the pree-clampsia, they were under the impression that the strict bed rest they were prescribed would be enough to ‘keep it at bay’ until Lauren reached a later stage in her pregnancy. The goal was to make it to 39 weeks, but it seems that her body had something else planned.

Pre-eclampsia from what we are told, is basically when a pregnant woman develops high blood pressure and protein in their urine. The family was told that it happens when the mothers body basically decides to reject the placenta. It sees it as a foreign body, and in short, just wants it out. Pre-eclampsia of course is just the symptoms that come before Eclampsia. Eclampsia is diagnosed when the mother has a seizure during the pregnancy.

It is for this exact reason that the father, Richard, has been on pins and needles since the beginning of this adventure. “It just worries me because I know that it’s something that can happen at any time, but I’m extremely thankful to the doctors and staff at the hospital for keeping a close eye on my wife to ensure we see the signs of it getting worse before it gets to that point.” Richard followed up with applauding the wonderful staff of Kennestone Hospital, and talking a little about how they spent their weekend. “While it was long, and emotionally (and physically for my wife) exhausting, it didn’t feel like it. We had friends and family visit, prayers and thoughts came flooding in through calls, texts, and social media, and I personally had a little help getting out of the hospital for a bit to try and get my mind off of the situation.”

While it sounds like the little family is doing great, they are eagerly awaiting more info from their doctors. “They’ve basically told us as long as Lauren doesn’t cross the line from ‘mild’ pre-eclampsia to ‘severe’, they will try to keep little lady snuggled in her belly until they have no other choice.” And as much as they can’t wait to meet her, they both know that it’s best for her to stay put as long as possible. “All we can do is play the waiting game at this point. Hope that Lauren doesn’t have any issues, and if so, the team picks up on it before it happens and gets our little girl out of there if necessary.”

We all know it has to be tough, but it seems like this little family is coping well.

The Rivera Family

The Rivera Family


20 responses to “Read all about it!!

    • Thanks! Right after publishing, I got a text. They said all tests today came back normal, and they will keep a close eye on her. If all goes well, we’re going to try to induce again this weekend. If anything spikes, BP or protein, they’ll induce and if it fails again, they’ll have to do a c-section.

      Thanks so much for the prayers!

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  2. The Lord hears all of our prayers.
    I am praying for your good health throughout your pregency.

  3. Sorry you had to go through all that, but it looks like congratulations are now in order! Welcome to the club (I am a father of 8!) and can’t wait to hear more of your perspective on being a dad.

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