RSVP – Celebrating my wife

My first attempt at the WordPress daily prompt. Today’s is :

RSVP – Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

I chose this one because it was the first time I knew exactly what I would write about as soon as I read it. Without a doubt, if I could throw the ultimate celebration for anyone, or specifically, the closest person to me, it would have to be for my wife. It wouldn’t be a birthday party, but rather a ‘push party.’ What I mean by that, is these days from what I’ve heard, is ‘push presents’ are all the rage. Essentially, they’re a gift to the mother of your child, for carrying your child and then getting to the proverbial finish line and pushing that little bundle of joy out. For me, life is something we should celebrate more often than we do. We have no problem throwing down for a birthday once a year, but we rarely celebrate life in general. What better reason could there be to celebrate, than the birth of a new life, and the appreciation you have for the person who made it happen?

Our wedding day... Isn't she stunning?!

Our wedding day… Isn’t she stunning?!


If there was no limits, no financial restraint, then I would fly my wife, and our closest friends and family, to the destination of her choice. Where would that be? I’m not 100% sure, but I think it would probably include a beach. I could see us getting a couple rooms right on the waterfront. We would fly in, gather friends and family in the lobby of the hotel we were staying on day#1 once all were settled into their rooms, and I would probably give a small speech for why we were there.

“Everyone… First, Lauren and I want to thank you all for joining us for this weekend celebration of not only a new life, but a celebration for the woman who made it happen. It’s only been 7 months since our wedding, but here we are again, together, with those closest to our hearts. While we celebrated the start of a new life together just a few short months ago, this weekend isn’t about us. It’s about her. It’s about my beautiful wife. My partner for life. My better half. The one who caught me off guard just a year and a half ago and stole my heart, locked it away within her own for safe keeping, and made me realize just what real love is. I can’t say thank you enough. There’s no words that can truly capture how I feel when I look at you and our beautiful little girl. You’ve been amazing. You did something that I honestly don’t think I could have ever done. The pain, the physical toll it took on your body, and the mental challenge you overcame is commendable. While some of those earlier months may have been pretty challenging for us both, we’ve come out of it on the other side stronger and so much more in love. I look forward to our lives together. Knowing that I have such a strong woman by my side is a blessing. Knowing <babies name redacted> has such a strong and beautiful role model in her mother is the ultimate comfort. She will be a beautiful human being, one that you cared for, nurtured, and harnessed within yourself before gifting me with her presence. And that’s why we’re here today. For me to say thank you. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift a woman could possibly give; the gift of a life, of a daughter, for me to love and to cherish until the day I die. I love you… with everything I have Lauren. And to everyone else, thank you for joining us this weekend… Now… let’s PARTY!!!!”

We would probably head straight to the beach, little lady in tow, for a spot were we had set up for the start of our celebration. A DJ to spin some tunes and get everybody moving. Refreshments to keep us cool in the heat. Beach towels, and volleyballs, badminton and corn hole for entertainment and relaxation. We would spend the remaining time getting to know our little girl a little more while our loved ones danced, laughed, and drank the weekend away. It would be a wonderful time with beautiful people.

This would be an ideal spot...

This would be an ideal spot…

If only…

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