Middle Names and Painted Things

Doesn't make a great monogram.

Doesn’t make a great monogram.

The two main things going on regarding our little lady, R. (Yes, Her first name starts with an R, but that’s all we’re given ya until she decides to arrive!) The decision whether or not to give her a middle name and while pondering that, I’ve been painting her room.

As far as her middle name is concerned. My particular take on it is that she doesn’t necessarily need one. I feel this way for several reasons. My first is that her first name is what I would consider strong. When I say her name out loud, putting anything I can come up with in between it feels like it’s taking away from her name rather than adding to it. That brings me to the second part, which is that we don’t feel like we should give her a middle name unless that middle name is significant in one way or the other. That could be a family name, a name that means something to us personally, or something along those lines. I’ve heard the argument that she will be ‘different’, and to that I say “Hell yes, she will be different!” Her parents are intelligent, individual, strong, and loving. Her mother is beautiful in more way’s than just physical. She can take a boring room and make it interesting. Fun. She has a wonderful eye for beautiful things out of the ordinary. She will be shy about it, but she is a great photographer for that reason alone. Her dad would say he’s good with words. He’s a little charming even. He’s good with technology and people, and has a heart bigger than his ego. How could our daughter NOT be different? I just don’t want something like a middle name to diminish that. I would only want to do it if it flowed well, meant something meaningful, and added to the strength of her name. I just feel like people give their children middle names because it’s the ‘norm’ or just because they feel pressured. They hear the arguments of, “The other kids will think that’s weird.” Or worse, “What if she doesn’t like her first name?” To which I say, “Then we failed in choosing a good main, first name, how could we possibly have gotten her middle name right?!” But seriously… It’s one thing I’ve thought about lately. I’ll keep the blog updated on that one.

And then there’s her bedroom. I started painting it just shy of two weeks ago. It’s been a slow process, but I’ve taken my time and I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve spent an hour here and there just thinking about it all. Taking it all in. I’ve put work into that it and I look forward to telling her about it when she’s older. I look forward to telling her about how daddy would go in there and put on some good music and take his time. Thinking about her. Imagining our time together. Wondering about what she’ll look like. Who’s nose will she have? (Looks like it’ll be a mix of mom’s and dad’s from the ultrasound pictures.) Who’s lips? (We’re pretty sure they’re going to be mine… they’re big… like really big.) Who’s height? (I’m thinking mom’s… she’s really long right now!) What will be her favorite food? And snack? And her favorite bedtime story?! I told Lauren, (My wife) that I can’t wait to read her Harry Potter. To take her into that world and introduce her to Hermione and Ron, and the lessons that they can teach. To introduce her to music and the arts. To see her eyes the first time she sees Micky Mouse at Disney and gets the pleasure of interacting with a dolphin. To see how she becomes a woman and the college she choose to go to. The profession she will choose to take. What she will decide to do with her life, who she will marry, and what our grand children will be like.

See, big lips, right?

See, big lips, right?

I’ll tell her about all of that. And I’ll remind her that I can’t wait to see it all happen. To watch her grow up. To love her. To be there for her when she has a nightmare or she gets her heart broken for the first time. I can’t wait for all of it!

On that note, please feel free to join the discussion below! Let me know what you think about middle names. Why do you feel a child should have one or shouldn’t? Have any fun projects you’ve been working on for the baby, kids, or wife? Let me know!


2 responses to “Middle Names and Painted Things

  1. I had the middle name discussion with my wife very recently. I agree with you. My middle name was my Dad’s Dad’s first name and he died 9 months before i was born. My younger brother doesn’t have a middle name and it’s never singled him out as different in any way at all. In fact quite a few of my friends also don’t have middle names! I do feel like it’s quite a nice thing to honour grandparents or important family members but definitely not essential. I still don’t know what exactly we’re gonna do

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way. I definitely agree, if there’s a point to the middle name, then it’s warranted. But just to give our child one ‘because’ really bothers me. My sister and her daughter both share a middle name that’s been passed down, and I agree with that. Otherwise, I think we can leave it out and she’ll be just as happy with her name.

      Thanks for commenting!

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